Clap & Snap OSB container

Clap & Snap OSB or MFP containers, depending on the panel thickness used, are suitable for transporting both lighter and heavier loads.
Depending on the requirements and needs of the customer, we can also combine the individual material types and thicknesses.

The containers are to be opened without damage, closed again and therefore reusable.
To protect the packaged goods, our company also manufactures internals made of wood, metal, plastic and foam, if required.
We design these in the in-house prototyping using sample parts or CAD files.

Upon request, we will sign your containers with standardized handling symbols or individual lettering. On the smooth, bright walls, your company logo will be shown to its best advantage


Inside and outside, the boxes are made of smooth, one-piece walls without any frames and thus offer an optimal ratio of external dimensions to internal dimensions.

All versions are realized exclusively according to IPPC standard / ISPM 15 with corresponding marking or non-wood declaration.

Packaging parts can be individually replaced, re-supplied and replaced if necessary.

Special special versions – reinforced floors, damping feet, stacking protection, loading flaps, labeling with handling symbols and company logos.

Ecological product!