Fast assembly and disassembly without tools!

For lighter goods or for slightly lower demands on the mechanical protective function of the packaging, warping constructions are a favorable alternative. If the customer cares a lot about making crates fast and cheap, the Clap & Snap crates are an ideal solution. Especially recommended for overseas transport.

Can be mounted without tools, easy to assemble and disassemble, reusable. As a result, they achieve high cost savings. The “open” design allows content control or access to the packaged goods, even with completely assembled packaging.


Multi-use! Easy to open and close thanks to spring steel clips.

Low construction and dismantling costs!

Individual sizes! Dimensions freely selectable, we often manufacture in module sizes matched to ISO containers or trucks.

Integrated system! Built-in fittings also equipped with spring steel clamps on request, allowing them to be mounted without tools.

Replacement at any time! Packaging parts can be replenished and replaced individually even after years.

Minimum moisture due to artificially dried solid wood according to IPPC standard.