If there is the need to transport a large capacity load, which is also well-protected against damages, disposable wooden crates are ideal. This type of packaging are most often manufactured of artificially dried timber of about 14% humidity. Thanks to it, mould does not appear in contrast to timber dried only for a short time, and the structure stays stable.

The places where goods touch the packaging can be at the client’s request protected with the protective layers (e.g. made of felt, rubber granulate or plastic).


Natural raw material! We use raw material of the industrial resources coveredby appropriate certificates (FSC or PEFC).

Minimum humidity! Timber we use undergoes artificial drying.

Good access to the goods! It is possible to conduct “visual” control and there is access to the goods even if the packaging is fully assembled.

Easy assembly! A nailer or electric screwdriver are enough!

 All the versions are made only in accordance with phytosanitary standards IPPC / ISPM 15 with appropriate labelling and declaration!