Przemysł Drzewny Świebodzin Sp. z o.o. was founded in 2000.


The basic subject of its activity is the production of disposable and reusable industrial packaging, crates and boxes, such as: wooden containers and boxes, plywood, OSB and chipboard containers and boxes as well as special pallets. Thanks to a constant development of the factory and acquiring the newest technologies of wood and wood-based boards processing, we have become one of the biggest producers of industrial packaging in Europe.


Thanks to their competitiveness, versatility and quality, products manufactured by Przemysł Drzewny Świebodzin Sp. z o.o. are used by such customers as international entrepreneurs from the motor and High-Tech industries, sub-suppliers of the Automotive industry as well as small and medium enterprises of branches of industry.


Przemysł Drzewny Świebodzin Sp. z o.o. guarantees constant and high quality of the products, optimal packaging adjustments for the customer’s individual needs concerning the used materials, corrosion and damage protection as well as prices.